Tarlooah is the virtual outpost of Rob Mulligan, specialist in materials engineering, application development, and innovation management. I started consulting when I began an accelerated MBA program at Babson College. This work scenario enables me to contribute on a select number of exciting new endeavors while immersed in the MBA experience - and still have the flexibility necessary to be present for my family.

My career has taken me on an interesting path from polymer synthesis to building optoelectronic systems, developing composite vehicle armor, testing drones in the Mojave Desert, and encapsulating pharmaceuticals with high voltage electricity (to name a few personal favorites). I have learned a lot thus far - including that there is much more to learn.

I have been a long proponent and explorer of agile & lean methods in non-software environments, and enjoy taking on challenges that are undervalued or that may have been previously written off.  The process of prototyping solutions and business scenarios to discover new value is fascinating, and requires the right combination of risk-taking, careful research, and intuition.

When not engaged in my work or with my family, I enjoy logging miles on the Charles River in a racing shell, deciphering Clapton riffs on the guitar late at night, and hiking/skiing in the mountains.

Please get in touch if you would like thoughtful input - technical or business related - on your new venture, need a fresh set of eyes on an existing problem, or just want to discuss the latest exciting things in business, science, and engineering over coffee (iced, lightly sweetened, please). - RFM